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By urban living | ESSENTIALS | 23 Jul 2014

Apartment Hunting Mistakes that can Cost You

If you are a renter, finding New York City Apartments For Rent can be a huge risk. You have to make the decision whether or not a particular apartment is the right one for you only after visiting one time, and taking on a new lease can be a huge investment. Some of the most common mistakes made by renters when they are hunting for a new apartment are highlighted here.

Using Listing Websites that are Questionable

While there are some apartment listing websites to use, the experience you have is not always ideal. Many advertisements do not include all of the details that you need, or photos, which will help you make a decision. Additionally, many sites are full of scams which are specifically designed to try and steal from you.

Going Over Your Budget

Once you find an apartment you like, it can be incredibly easy to convince yourself you can afford it; even it is not within your fixed budget. This apartment searching mistake will wind up costing you for the entire period of the lease. A general rule of thumb is to never pay more than 30 percent of your income on your apartment.

Assuming, Rather than Asking Questions

You need to ensure you fully understand all of the rental terms, as well as what will be included in your lease. For example, you should not just assume that the price of your utilities is going to be included since the landlord did not mention they were not during your tour. Be sure to ask questions to ensure there are no unpleasant surprises later on.

Making an “On-the-Spot-Decision.”

While the process of hunting for an apartment can be extremely stressful, you should not make any on-the-spot decisions regarding where you rent. You need to be sure that you find an apartment that is comfortable and that you will enjoy living in for the next year.

Not Reviewing your Lease

You can be extremely tempted to simply just sign without reading the contract that is giving to you. However, the lease is considered a legal contract, which means you will be bound, by law, to what it outlines. It is crucial that you read over it carefully before signing.

With these tips, you can avoid the most common mistakes that apartment renters make. That will help you love your new space and feel confident with the decision you took.

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