Visit New York’s Public Library

NY Public Library

Do you remember when the last time you entered a library to borrow a book was? Well, in New York’s you will!

New York’s Public Library is monumental, one of the most luxurious and refined buildings, an homage to culture and knowledge. If you get by metro to Grand Central Station, you will get down along Park Avenue to 41st Street, and from here walk until the Fifth Avenue. This short walk, in between of the two avenues, is called Library Way. Its sidewalks host bronze plaques with quotes by some of the most important world literature authors.

The façade of the Public Library is just magnificent, with two lions on both sides which protect the central staircase and, in the frontal patio, there are tables and chairs to sit on either to relax or to read a book. Inside, the library is enormous, though visitants only have free access to some rooms. There’s the main reading room, an exhibition of rare works and, around the 4th of July, there are exhibits with papers and historical documents which date back to the Independence time. At the back of the library, there is the lovely Bryant Park. In the summer, there are free movies in the open! In the winter, they build an ice-skating rink where you can skate for free if you have your ice skates. If not, you can still borrow some there.

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