Things you need to know before going to NYC


Things you need to know before flying to New York:

1) The tip: it’s fundamental to leave at least 15%, and it is best if it is 20%. Waiters have a low base pay ($4.60 gross per hour), and thus their salary is what they earn with tips. The tip should be left to all those who are giving a service (not only waiters but also taxi drivers, beauticians, hairdressers and so on).

2) Taxes: All prices you see are net of taxes. Every purchase (as well as every dish at the restaurant) at a cost that then you’ll have to add the 8.875% of the taxes in NY (fees vary from state to state in America). At the restaurant, be careful not to confuse tax with tip.

3) Taxi: no need to shout, just raise your hand and the drivers they stop. Look always at the sign on top of the roof. If it’s lit it means that they are free, if it’s off then they are busy, but if it says “off duty” is because they have finished their shift and are returning home. Moving around in Manhattan is very easy, you just have to know the name of the intersection of the roads to know where to go. When you take the taxi, you should always remember to give this indication to the driver instead of saying the number. For instance, you would like to go to Kesté to eat pizza at 271 Bleecker Street. You will have to tell the taxi driver “Bleecker, between Cornelia and Jones” (the number will then serve to you at the moment the taxi driver will take you on the spot).

4) MetroCard: make sure to subscribe to the card you prefer (daily, weekly, or monthly) and enjoy public transport to move around the city. If you are staying only for a few days, however, you should buy prepaid cards with more rides, so as to have at least one ride tribute. With the MetroCard, you can use the subway, bus, ferry.

5) Bus: If you decide not to buy a MetroCard, you know that to get on the bus you can only pay with coins. The single ride costs $2.75, and you have to insert the exact amount.

6) The electrical sockets/plugs are different.

7) For drinking and going to nightclubs it’s always required a proof of ID, and you must be at least 21 to enter a club.

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