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A Guide to Find the Best NY Apartments

2011/01/13 11:42 AM    |    by jgreen

New York City Vacation Rental Apartments and Sublets

New York or the “city that never sleeps” is today one of the major epicenters for education and business. A survey by the US Census Bureau in the year 1999 had revealed that about 40 percent of the city’s 7.4 million residents are immigrants. However, with so much competition, the city is feeling a serious space crunch but, finding a place to stay in is not that hard. While you must be thinking that you can search out the real estate agents from the Internet easily, but, clicking on all the websites of every real estate agent is time consuming and confusing. Therefore, the shortest and the most effective way to search out a suitable NY apartment is to contact a real estate service management company. The main function of these agents is basically to act as a liaison between the realtors and you (the buyers). Property service management is the amalgamation of the systems, processes, and manpower required to manage a real estate business whether an acquisition, accountability, control, utilization, maintenance, responsibility, and disposition. In short, the roles of a service management company can be summed up as under:

  1. As mentioned earlier it acts as a bridge between the sellers and lenders of NY apartments and the buyers who are willing to make a deal with those. Basically the agents are representative of the buyers to sellers and vice versa.
  2. The duties of such a service management company is to accept rent, responding and to the maintenance and repair issues.
  3. Such agents also provide a buffer for those landlords who stay far away from the tenant’s constituency.
  4. One major role of the service management company is to control the accounts and the finances, calculate the rents and negotiating the prices.
  5. They also participate or initiate litigation with the tenants, owners, insurance agencies and contractors. Although these agents hire an experienced attorney, s/he sometimes even works under a service management agent.
  6. A property manager service provider in New York is generally well versed with the country, municipal, and state laws related to buying, renting or leasing NY apartments. Therefore, they are able to effectively deal with evictions, non-payments, dealing with nuisance, and harassment.

As today there are loads of things to manage in buying or renting a property, a reputed service provider these days is aided by Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM). You can contact a realty service management company for buying or renting a wide range of NY apartments. One such service provider is Metro-Homes Properties.

At, you can get a long catalogue of NY apartments with varied amenities suitable for people from students to corporate publics.

NYC Job Fair: Meet Employers and Network with Healthcare Professionals

2011/01/10 11:44 AM    |    by jgreen

Find a job at an upcoming professional event in nyc

ADVANCE will host a job fair for healthcare professionals on March 16, 2011 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in Manhattan. Doctors, nurses, and students alike will fill the career fair to meet and greet with hiring employers, including hospitals, insurance companies, universities, and leaders of the healthcare industry.

This will be a great opportunity to find an open door into the healthcare industry and to network with other job seekers that could provide possible leads to your next job.

The job fair portion of the event is scheduled from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm. In addition to the job fair, ADVANCE will also provide a number of free healthcare industry seminars from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.

While attending this healthcare event in NYC, guests will have direct access to employers to ask the important questions that are never answered on a website and to display their professional skills and talents. ADVANCE also provides free goodies and informative healthcare industry pamphlets to attendees.

The event is free for interested healthcare professionals and students, but be sure to sign up ahead of time on the event page. In today’s world, job fairs get overloaded with job seekers, leaving those that are slow to react out in the cold.

Tips for networking at a healthcare job fair:

  • Resume, Paper, Pen – Always bring several copies of an updated resume and relevant documents (referrals, recommendations). Be prepared to write down employer contact information and to take notes.
  • Take business cards – Employers at job fairs often become buried alive in resumes from job seekers. Take a business card so that you can contact the individual you speak with in the near future.
  • Don’t be shy – Break out of your shell. The majority of those attending the job fair will be in the same position as you. Make a positive, lasting impression on every potential employer and network with as many people possible. You never know when a random stranger can change your life.

If you plan on traveling to NYC for the job fair, make sure and book a Manhattan rental apartment ahead of time to avoid those last moment high prices from hotels.

-Joe Greek

Environmental Vacationers – United Nations’ 9th Forum on Forests in NYC

2011/01/07 12:20 PM    |    by jgreen

The Forum on Forests, held in NYC, seeks to improve forest conservation

Deforestation of forests to be a focus of United Nations in 2011

Environmental vacationers
may be interested in the United Nations’ Forum on Forests Meeting that will hold the 9th session at the United Nations headquarters in NYC from from January 24 – February 4.

The NYC-based forum is held to highlight accomplishments in forest conservation around the world, while raising awareness of current threats and making recommendations on how each nation and the United Nations can make positive change.

While NYC would seem an unlikely location to hold a forum on forest conservation, you can imagine how valuable every single tree is to people that live in cities around the world that are quickly losing the valuable green to modern growth.

The United Nations General Assembly declared 2011 to be the International year of Forests, which will also serve as the theme for the forum. The theme will hopefully increase global awareness about methods that can be used to improve the health of forests (covering approximately 31% of the world).

For vacationers to NYC and people everywhere, the Forum on Forests is a vital part of the process of developing a sustainable world for the human population. While many NYC vacationers may never know that the forum even occurred, the work that will hopefully be achieved through it, will help bring about positive change to everywhere.

The NYC forum’s primary functions are directed at improving cooperation between countries and the United Nations, sharing and promoting conservation techniques, setting and maintaining goals for regional and international bodies, and to oversee the efforts made by nations.

The forum has tight access restrictions that are generally limited to United Nations members, but vacationers to NYC are encouraged to apply for a observer pass. There is no guarantee of entry for vacationers, but the opportunity to be a witness to a lesser-known but very important event with major implications for international politics and the survival of the human race.

Vacationers to NYC that have a passion for environmental awareness will definitely want to mark this United Nations’ date on their calendar. Even though you may not be able to attend the actual forum in NYC, there will certainly be public events that will be hosted by other environmental vacationers, third-party organizations and local activits. Environmental vacationers will also find many people with common goals as the die-hard environmental will most likely stage events outside of the United Nations’ headquarters in Manhattan.

Whether coming alone or with a group of vacationers to NYC for the Forum on Forests, you should make your accommodation plans ahead of time. offers a large selection of furnished and unfurnished NYC apartments for vacationers and buyers alike.

For NYC vacationers seeking more information and detailed schedules of events for the United Nations’ 9th session of the Forum on Forests, visit the official website here.

-Joe Greek

Vacation New York City: Rock and Roll Tourist Points of Interest

2010/12/30 12:35 PM    |    by jgreen

Vacation New York and experience music history and see famous artist landmarksNew York City is the perfect vacation destination for die hard rock and roll fans everywhere. Many artists have made their names and famous records in the countless recording studios and entertainment venues in NYC.

You’re Rock and Roll NYC vacation starts with finding the most affordable accommodations that provide a luxurious and convenient stay. Once you have arrived in NYC, you’ll definitely want to visit these NYC music landmarks:

  1. Strawberry Fields – Before his premature death in 1980, Lennon and Yoko Ono spent numerous afternoons in Central Park. To remember Lennon, Ono and supporters created a memorial site near the West 72nd Street entrance to the park which is named after the childhood park that Lennon played in and later made famous in a song of the same name with The Beatles.
  2. Hotel ChelseaA great NYC vacation with a musical twist should not exclude a trip to the famous Hotel Chelsea in Manhattan, located at 222 West 23rd Street. This landmark housing building was the home to many recording artists, including Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, and Iggy Pop. It may be better remembered for the 1978 stabbing deaths of Sex Pistols’ member Sid Vicious and his girlfriend, Nancy Spungen.
  3. Electric Lady Studios - Located at 52 West 8th Street, ELS was originally built by rock and roll legend Jimi Hendrix and opened in 1970. NYC vacation goers will revel in the studio’s rich history where famous artists such as The Rolling Stones, Madonna, Led Zeppelin, and Kanye West have recorded platinum albums for decades.

While these locations are all found in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn also have a deep history of producing rock and roll legends. Exploring the streets of NYC are great for vacation plans as you never know what famous New York landmark you will come across while staying in a vacation rental in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island or the Bronx.

-Joe Greek