New York City boasts a huge array of housing options, from five-story walk-ups to multi-bedroom apartments and homes. With a variety of boroughs, districts, and neighborhoods, you may be surprised to find many houses for sale within your price range. If you are prepared to rent or purchase a home, follow these tips to navigate the process with ease.

Examine Your Budget
Home ownership is rewarding, but it can be easy to be swept up in the eagerness and glamor of owning a home outside your price point. Before browsing any options online or in person, create a budget and stick to it. Include a rough estimate of electric, water, insurance, transportation fees, and any other associated costs. A good real estate broker will work within your price range without pressuring you beyond it.

Know Your Neighborhood
When it comes to New York City neighborhoods, there are many factors to consider. Are the houses on your block old, with neighborhood association rules and regulations? Is your new home in a trendy district that may be noisy or high-traffic? Do you have children who need a school or park within walking distance? Are you easily able to access grocery stores or other markets? Some factors may be flexible, but knowing which points you are unwilling to budge on will help narrow your search.

Parking and Transportation Considerations
Many homes for sale in NYC have a garage, but others may only have restricted street parking. If you have multiple vehicles or work unusual hours, be sure to ask about parking restrictions or fees. Otherwise, pinpoint the nearest bus and subway stops and calculate the length of your new commute.

Ask for Disclosure Statements
Disclosure statements are a way for you, the buyer, to learn more about the house and its surroundings. The seller is responsible for collecting information about the property, such as its leaky windows or loud neighbors. Other forms of disclosure statements include notices about nearby, long-term construction or development projects. Through the use of disclosure statements, the buyer becomes informed, and the seller is more protected from future legal action.

Prepare for a Property Inspection
Full disclosure up front can help the seller and give you, as a buyer, peace of mind. Still, controls are essential before closing. A property inspection is typically performed while in escrow, where an independent party holds onto funds until both seller and buyer have committed to the sale. The home inspection may bring new issues to light, which you can discuss with your seller or real estate broker. Once you are prepared to begin the search, browse a list of the homes for sale in NYC and enjoy the process of finding your new property.

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New York City is a hub of travel, tourism, and business. If your company is based in NYC or associates frequently go there, consider renting out a furnished apartment. This space can play host to anyone on a business trip or attending conferences, but it can also be used for traveling clients, collaborators, and presenters. Keep reading to learn more about how furnished rentals can help your company:

Customer Comfort
Whether you plan to use the apartment primarily for your associates or for your clients, it can be a home away from home. The apartment will feel much less small and sterile than a hotel room, and it will give your visitors and guests the chance to experience the neighborhood and to live in NYC.

Easy Business Trips or Retreats
Furnished rentals in New York City can be more cost-effective than continually purchasing a block of hotel rooms for business trips. You can fly in and easily house associates from other branches, or host a small working or writing retreat in comfort. You can rent a furnished apartment short-term or long-term, so consider how often it might benefit your business to have a place on hand.

Cost-Effective Housing
Renting an apartment either short-term or long can still be more cost-effective than purchasing a large block of hotel rooms. That is particularly the case for lengthier or more frequent visits because hotel rentals and fees can quickly add up. Besides, renting a furnished, as opposed to an unfurnished, apartment, means that the furniture and major appliances are included. You can add personal decorative touches, but you will not have to stress about purchasing and moving in large chairs, tables, or couches.

Collaborative Working Environment
If you or a handful or associates are in town for a conference, a furnished rental can be the ideal place to spread work materials out and prep for the next day’s activities. Fill the fridge with snacks and enjoy the ability to work in comfort without interruption. You can leave papers stacked around without worrying about a morning hotel maid, or leave up a blackboard or whiteboard with the results of a brainstorming session.

Influx of Amenities
Furnished rentals in New York have everything you need, plus more. Depending on the apartment your company chooses, you may have a variety of couches, tables, chairs, and other furniture. You should also have a fully equipped kitchen, unlike hotel rooms, which gives you the freedom and flexibility to store snacks, create meals, host small dinner parties, or simply stretch out and enjoy not being cooped up in a hotel room.

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Whether you are moving to New York City for the first time or are just relocating to a different neighborhood, taking a furnished apartment can dramatically lower the stress of moving. There are a there are many reasons you might want a furnished apartment. Thankfully, there are a wide variety of housing options in every borough and neighborhood. Here are a few tips for furnished apartment hunting in the city:

Reasons to Take a Furnished Apartment
Did you populate your first apartment with cheap bookcases and end tables that have seen better days, or have you finally realized how much that old, worn out sleeper sofa weighs? If you are traveling and moving across the country to relocate to New York City, you may find moving all of your furniture could be more expensive than buying new pieces. Instead, consider finding a furnished apt for rent in NYC to save yourself the trouble and unnecessary expense.

Similarly, if you are a student, the multitude of available furnished multi-bedroom apartments will make it easy for you and your roommates to move in without the hassle of shipping, moving, or buying furniture.

Know What You Need
Many places will come with tables and a couch, but do you also want lamps or additional chairs?If the furnished apartment does not have a washer and dryer, are there laundry facilities close by? Similarly, consider your transportation needs. If you have a vehicle, ask about parking availability, fees, and restrictions. If not, look for the apartment’s proximity to a bus or subway stop and calculate the length of your daily commute.

Make Connections
If possible, try to connect with someone who currently lives in NYC. Even if you do not have any relatives or close acquaintances there, a friend of a friend might be willing to do you a favor and help you in your housing search. Natives and new locals alike will have a much better grasp on what apartments are available than anyone coming to the city for the first time.

Browse Your Options Online
In smaller cities and towns, it is possible to directly drive through neighborhoods and make a list of whom to call. That gets much more complicated when looking for a furnished apt for rent in NYC, however, because much information may not be readily available. Browsing online can give you a better feel for what is available, especially because you can quickly and easily narrow your search specifications. Real estate brokers are another fantastic resource, because they know the local housing market well and can help you find the perfect place.

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How often are the people associated with your company in the Big Apple? Do you attend frequent conferences, travel for business meetings, or host a variety of clients, presenters, and collaborators? Instead of continually making plans at a local hotel, consider renting an apartment in the city for short-term (30 days minimum) or long-term corporate use. Here are four benefits to renting a corporate apartment:

1. Cost-Effective
Depending on your company’s travel needs, you may decide to rent corporate apartments in New York City for a 30 day period minimum. Having a contract in place gives you a sort of “standing reservation” for business trips or traveling clients because there will be no need to work out a large number of new details each time a client is in town. Another option is to seek short-term corporate housing, which may mean renting out an apartment for just a month or two. Either way, you will likely find that renting an apartment for your company’s use is much more cost-effective than purchasing a block of hotel rooms for multiple days or weeks.

2. Working Environment for Business Trips
Although most hotels have a variety of conference rooms where your working team could collaborate, keep in mind that hotels are very public spaces. At the end of a session or each day, every piece of paper will have to be picked up, and any whiteboards erased. By renting out an apartment for corporate use, your team will have a collaborative environment they can come back to at any time. The apartment’s central space could be an ideal staging area for preparation of the next business day’s activities.

3. Housing for Traveling Clients
Whether your company calls in special guests, presenters, clients, or collaborators, you want to offer them the very best in hospitality and comfort. Ready-to-go corporate apartments in New York City are great alternatives to sticking your traveling clients in a hotel room. If you often play host and choose to rent a standing apartment, you also will not have to work out new and difficult housing details.

4. Added Flexibility and Comfort
Your corporate apartment can play host to CEOs, traveling salesmen, conference attendees, business clients, and more. You can stock the apartment with plush towels, warm bedding, spare toiletries for the forgetful types, and a variety of snacks to help make your guests feel welcome. Many apartments will include fully equipped kitchens, unlike hotel rooms. This gives your guests the ability to store items in the fridge, prepare meals, and truly feel at home. In addition, these added amenities mean that you can host small dinner parties or casual gatherings directly in the apartment. This can help spark connections and collaborations, all in a comfortable setting.

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The housing scene in New York City is known for being competitive and cutthroat, thanks to the thousands of people relocating to the city or moving among boroughs and neighborhoods. Still, the sheer number of apartments and housing options in the city mean that you will find the ideal apartment for your needs. Here are a few NYC apartment-hunting tips to keep in mind:

Know Your Neighborhoods
Chances are you will not be living across from Central Park or one of the trendiest neighborhoods. Thankfully, there are a wide variety of apartments for sale in NYC especially as you explore the outer boroughs. Most of New York City’s neighborhoods have unique personalities and a variety of local establishments, giving you the chance to connect with your mini-community. Before browsing apartments, make a list of the neighborhoods you consider ideal, almost as good, doable, and not an option.

Many Price Points
Are you going to have roommates, or will your new place come directly out of your paycheck?  Before setting a budget for rent, you should factor in any additional costs such as utilities, laundry facilities, parking or transportation fees, and Internet or cable. Your apartment’s base rent may or may not cover any of these, so it is important to adjust your budget accordingly. Thankfully, the number of apartments for sale in NYC also includes a variety of price points. Tiny efficiencies or studios can be comfortable for one, and larger one-bedroom apartments could be converted into a second bedroom. There are also a large number of multi-bedroom apartments with fully equipped living rooms and kitchens that may be ideal for you and a few roommates. Before signing anything, be sure your landlord knows the exact number of tenants.

Choice of Furnished or Unfurnished
Even if you own some furniture, you may realize that it is either not enough to fill an apartment or that it would be much too expensive and difficult to move. Consider choosing a furnished apartment if you are moving to NYC for the first time or relocating from across the country. If you prefer an unfurnished apartment, be sure to ask what it is included, such as major appliances.

Acting Fast is Essential
One of the most important elements of apartment hunting is your preparedness. Make sure you have any necessary documents ready to submit, such as proof of the previous residence or a pay stub from your job. You can spend much time browsing listings online or in person, but you should be ready to follow through once you have made a decision quickly.

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