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By urban living | SMALL TALK | 27 Jul 2017

New York City Furnished Apartments for Rent

New York City furnished apartments put up for rent are going like hot cakes. Experts are giving out figures like twelve to nineteen per cent as the returns received every year on these investments. That is a figure that is even higher for other commercial buildings.

The people targeted in this market are players in the sector of hospitality both local and international. Many tourists visit the big apple every year, and as hotel rates go up, they opt to stay in serviced apartments and get to enjoy their stay at ‘home.’

The rooms come with everything. They have a studio, kitchen, hall, bathroom, and bedrooms. Constructing such facilities makes the overall construction of such housing units expensive, but that is what gives them their ideal trademark.

So why should an investor build homes and even furnish them?

First of all the world has become a global village and business is the order of the day. People are traveling more than before but as hotel rates continue escalating someone has to come in and fill the gap with something better.

As a result, we have New York City furnished apartments for rent. They cut across between a home and a hotel room.

Several international reports have been released promoting staying in serviced apartments rather than hotels. It was discovered that staying in an apartment reduces the chances of you being a victim of a crime or the worst, which is terrorism.

In this time and space, terrorism is a reality that affects every sector of our lives. Terrorists have targeted buildings with large populations including hotels. Staying in a secluded area increases the chances of safety.

It is well known that tourists or business people carry a lot of money. Therefore, it is easy to phase them out when they stay in one place. Staying in New York City furnished apartments for rent enables you to blend in and become one with the people.

When you remain in an apartment, you no longer are a tourist but a neighbor whom everyone will look out for. That means that if anyone has any ill motives, they will be easy to notice. You are also guaranteed of your safety and the safety of your belongings since you are the only one with the lock and key. Housing convenience can’t get better than this!

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