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By urban living | SMALL TALK | 16 Oct 2014

4 Benefits of Renting Corporate Apartments in New York City

How often are the people associated with your company in the Big Apple? Do you attend frequent conferences, travel for business meetings, or host a variety of clients, presenters, and collaborators? Instead of continually making plans at a local hotel, consider renting an apartment in the city for short-term (30 days minimum) or long-term corporate use. Here are four benefits to renting a corporate apartment:

1. It’s Cost-Effective

Depending on your company’s travel needs, you may decide to rent corporate apartments in New York City for a 30 day period minimum. Having a contract in place gives you a sort of “standing reservation” for business trips or traveling clients because there will be no need to work out a large number of new details each time a client is in town. Another option is to seek short-term corporate housing, which may mean renting out an apartment for just a month or two. Either way, you will likely find that renting an apartment for your company’s use is much more cost-effective than purchasing a block of hotel rooms for multiple days or weeks.

2. It Allows for a Better Working Environment on Business Trips

Although most hotels have a variety of conference rooms where your team could collaboratively work in, keep in mind that hotels are very public spaces. At the end of a session or each day, every piece of paper will have to be picked up, and any whiteboards erased. By renting out an apartment for corporate use, your team will have a collaborative environment they can come back to at any time. The apartment’s central space could be an ideal staging area for preparation of the next business day’s activities.

3. It Provides Great Housing for Traveling Clients

Whether your company calls in special guests, presenters, clients, or collaborators, we know you want to offer them the very best in hospitality and comfort. Ready-to-go corporate apartments in New York City are great alternatives to sticking your traveling clients in a drab hotel room. If you often play host and choose to rent a standing apartment, you also will not have to work out new and difficult housing details every time someone is in town.

4. You and Your Guests Get Added Flexibility and Comfort

Your corporate apartment can play host to CEOs, traveling salesmen, conference attendees, business clients, and more. You can stock the apartment with plush towels, warm bedding, spare toiletries (for the forgetful types), and a variety of snacks to help make your guests feel welcome. Many apartments will include fully equipped kitchens, unlike hotel rooms. This gives your guests the ability to store items in the fridge, prepare meals, and truly feel at home. In addition, these added amenities mean that you can host small dinner parties or casual gatherings directly in the apartment. This can help spark connections and collaborations, all in a comfortable setting.

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