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By urban living | SMALL TALK | 18 Oct 2014

How to Find Your Ideal Furnished Rental Apartment in NYC

Whether you are moving to New York City for the first time or are just relocating to a different neighborhood, deciding to opt for a furnished apartment can dramatically lower the stress associated with moving. Thankfully, there are a wide variety of housing options in every borough and neighborhood and with that come many reasons to go for a furnished apartment.

Reasons to Opt for a Furnished Apartment

Did you populate your first apartment with cheap bookcases and end tables that have seen better days? Have you finally realized how much that old, worn out futon weighs? If you are traveling and moving across the country to relocate to New York City, you may even find that moving all of your furniture could be more expensive than buying new pieces. Instead, consider finding a furnished apt for rent in NYC to save yourself the trouble and unnecessary expense. Similarly, if you’re a student, moving into an available furnished multi-bedroom apartment will make it easy for you and your roommates to move in without the hassle of buying, shipping, or moving furniture.

Know What You Need

Most places will come with tables and a couch, but would you also want lamps or additional chairs? If the furnished apartment does not have a washer and dryer, are there laundry facilities close by? Similarly, consider your transportation needs. If you have a vehicle, ask about parking availability, fees, and restrictions. If not, look for the apartment’s proximity to a bus or subway stop and calculate the length of your daily commute.

Make Connections

If possible, try to connect with someone who currently lives in NYC. Even if you do not have any relatives or close acquaintances there, a friend of a friend might be willing to do you a favor and help you in your housing search. Natives and new locals alike will have a much better grasp on what apartments are available than anyone coming to the city for the first time.

Browse Your Options Online

In smaller cities and towns, it is possible to directly drive through neighborhoods and make a list of whom to call. That gets much more complicated when looking for a furnished apt for rent in NYC, however, because an abundance of information may not be readily available. Browsing online can give you a better feel for what is available, especially because you can quickly and easily narrow your search specifications. Real estate brokers are another fantastic resource, because they know the local housing market well and can help you find the perfect place.

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