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By urban living | SMALL TALK | 20 Oct 2014

How Furnished Rentals in New York Can Help Your Business

New York City is a hub of travel, tourism, and business. If your company is based in NYC or associates frequently go there, consider renting out a furnished apartment. This space can play host to anyone on a business trip or attending conferences, but it can also be used for traveling clients, collaborators, and presenters. Keep reading to learn more about how furnished rentals can help your company:

Customer Comfort

Whether you plan to use the apartment primarily for your associates or for your clients, it can be a home away from home. The apartment will feel much less small and sterile than a hotel room, and it will give your visitors and guests the chance to experience the neighborhood and to live in NYC. A personal touch can work wonders for relationships with clients or company morale.

Easy Business Trips or Retreats

Furnished rentals in New York City can be more cost-effective than continually purchasing a block of hotel rooms for business trips. You can easily fly in and house associates from other branches, or host a small working/writing retreat in comfort. You can rent a furnished apartment short-term or long-term, so consider how often it might benefit your business to have a place on hand.

Cost-Effective Housing

Renting an apartment either short-term or long can still be more cost-effective than continued and grand hotel use. That is particularly the case for lengthier or more frequent visits because hotel rentals and fees can quickly add up. Besides, renting a furnished, as opposed to an unfurnished, apartment means that the furniture and major appliances are included. You can add personal decorative touches, but you will not have to stress about purchasing and moving in large chairs, tables, or couches.

Collaborative Working Environment

If you and a handful of associates are in town for a conference, a furnished rental can be the ideal place to spread work materials out and prep for the next day’s activities. Fill the fridge with snacks and enjoy the ability to work in comfort without interruption. You can leave papers stacked around or whiteboard with the results of a brainstorming session up without worrying about a morning hotel maid.

Influx of Amenities

Furnished rentals in New York have everything you need and more. Depending on the apartment your company chooses, you may have a variety of furniture, including couches, tables, chairs. and more. You should also have a fully equipped kitchen, unlike hotel rooms, which gives you the freedom and flexibility to store snacks, create meals, host small dinner parties, or simply stretch out and enjoy not being cooped up in a hotel room.

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