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By urban living | REAL'TY LIFE | 31 Oct 2011

Affordable Rental Apartments in Staten Island, New York

Rent an apartment in Staten Island by getting to know the facilities and price ranges. Staten Island is one of the least populated area of New York City keeping in view the fact that belongs to the most suburban area. The borough is located in the Southwest part and is of vital importance for many reasons.  The area is expected to have the largest park in NYC. The most famous attraction for tourists is the Statue of Liberty that can be seen from there. However, the borough does not have an underground transit system, although it has trains, buses and numerous means of transportation available.

Rental apartments in Staten Island can be an excellent idea for you to rely on due to the affordable price ranges available for you. The area is a hub of tourist attractions. The apartments provide accommodation facilities to welcome up to four persons. Usually, two bedrooms have the capability to accommodate four people. Therefore, people with more family members can take an apartment with three to four bedrooms. The price range usually is flexible as there are additional facilities and services for the higher priced rooms. You can look at the pictures and get an idea of the types of furnished apartments you will get a chance to live in.

The borough of Staten Island is a place of excitement, fun, and adventure. It is also an art and culture center. The area is ideal for tourists also as they find many opportunities to enjoy the region. Staten Island Zoo is nearby too so you can stroll around to get to the venue to enjoy life to its fullest. You can bring your kids along with you as your accommodation is no more a problem.

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